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A Fond Farewell ...

Thank you - Farewell but Not Goodbye

At this time, we would like to take a few moments to acknowledge the contributions of 3 of our longstanding members, who have recently announced they would be retiring from Zone duties.

Addy Murdock – Sharon Walker – Glen Walker

From fundraising, running tournaments, organizing, and just generally keeping the Zone alive, your contributions are far more than can ever be expressed.

Not only have you all taken the lead in the Zones but, all of you started your journeys as so many of us have, as players. Each one of you has represented our Province at the National Level with Grace & Pride.

Sharon & Glen - we thank you for all the years you gave to the MDAI as Provincial Board members, and stuck with it through thick and thin and even a unimaginable Pandemic. Your dedication, and the sacrifices you made for our association were noticed, appreciated, and applauded.

Addy, although we never were able to convince you to join us at the Provincial Board level, but we always knew you had our back, were always supportive, and a constant that we could always count on.

Enjoy all the free time you will have now, and we look forward to seeing you all as players, at our Tournaments.

Thank you All VERY MUCH, you have left some very big shoes to fill, the MDAI is forever grateful for your contributions.

Let’s give them a round of applause pls…..

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