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Looking for Content / Calendar Information

Hello Manitoba Darters!

I am calling on everyone to send anything they would like to see posted and promoted on the MDAi website and social media.

Including but not limited to:

  • Events / Competitions

  • Celebrations

  • Achievements

  • Historical Info / Photos / Videos

This call especially goes out to my fellow directors, zone board members and anyone running dart leagues / clubs / etc.

I would really like to make the MDAi the go-to for dart information in Manitoba.

Any time-sensitive items will be posted in twenty-four hours or less but the more time I have, the better I can integrate the information and improve the online experience for everyone.

I will be adding a full history page for the association as well as a learning resource centre for player development in the near future.

Send everything to:

Thank You.

Edward Brohm

Publicity Director (Interim) MDAi

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