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Membership Reminder

December 1st Deadline

Reminder to get your membership before December 1st to retain your earned NDFC ranking points. The Province needs time to process and remit memberships prior to the deadline outlined in the explanation below, which is directly from the NDFC website. To obtain or renew your membership contact your zone director or the membership director.


An interim membership report will be produced by each Member Body and sent to the Membership Director before December 15th of each year. This report must include names and addresses of all members who have purchased memberships for the new season and must also include payment for each member.

This interim membership report will be used to verify all players on the Official Ranking List for January 1st. Any player earning points between October 1st and December 15th who have not purchased their current membership will see those points removed from the January 1st Ranking List. These points will NOT be re-instated if the membership is purchased after January 1st.

The final verification of membership will proceed as usual on April 1st prior to the April 30th Official Ranking List. All players who have received points between May 1st and September 30th and are not valid members as of April 1st will see their points removed from the final Official Ranking List of April 30th.

Please send inquiries to the NDFC Ranking Officer - Maggie Leblanc -

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