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The Memorial 2023 - Warks & Lookers Top the Ranking Lists

Red Veters - Tournament Director (Interim)

Cary and Trish Wark remain at the top of the leaderboards, followed now by both Ron and Alicia Looker after the opening tournament of 2023, the Memorial.

Saturday's events were Men's singles and Women's Doubles, followed by Mixed Triples.

Men's singles saw 32 men come into a knockout, but in the end, the semifinals were a showing of the top four ranked men in the province.

Cary Wark took out Evan Suderman and Ron Looker took Cory Tkach in the semifinal matches.

Cary, the still number one ranked man in the province, took the top spot over Ron in the finals.

Women’s doubles was played in the style of Chicago.

Kat Degner and Cindy Suderman topped their division and received a bye into the second round of the knockout, where they took out Lisa Boyer and Cheryl Hygaard to make it to the finals. Rayme Goetz and Red Veters were down in the first round of the knockout but made a comeback to win over Tracey Morton and Kate Joudry. Next, Rayme and Red played the Tricia and Angie Wark on the road to their victory in the finals over Kat and Cindy.

Mixed Triples saw 11 teams battling it out.

In the end, the semi-final matches were the misfit team of Colin Tkach, Red Veters and a last-minute player switch to Dillon Clarke who just lost out to the trio of Rs; Ron Looker, Rory Orvis and Rayme Goetz. The other semifinals was a family affair with Angie Wark teaming up with Doug Hawkins and Gerry Convery who came up just short against Jaret Dion, Cary and Tricia Wark. In the end, it was an exciting final with Team "#famjam" Jaret, Cary and Tricia over Team "Triple R" Rory, Ronand Rayme. With this win, Cary secured a chance at a triple crown for the weekend, requiring only one more win at the Sunday event.

Sunday events were the women's singles and men's doubles.

The women's singles semifinals showcased 2 familiar faces, Tricia Wark and Alicia Looker against 2 players who have not made a semifinal in over a year, Sally Rose and Red Veters. Tricia took out Sally on her way to the finals. Alicia eventually took out Red in a tight battle that went all the way to a fifth, and nail-biting decider. Tricia kept her momentum going and took out Alicia in the finals.

Men's doubles was played in the style of Chicago.

Marco Capili and Romel Natividad over Ron Looker and Rory Orvis with a great battle on the final game of cricket in the semifinals. Marco and Romel took the victory in the end. Evan and Cory won their semifinals match over Jaret and Cary, ending Cary's run for the triple crown. In the finals, it was Evan and Cory taking 1st over Romel and Marco.

(My apologies on the wrong posting of the men's doubles result that was initially posted on the website.)

Great weekend, thanks everyone!


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