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Youth Provincials Dress Code

As per NDFC.


February 26, 2023, - 2:00 pm

West Kildonan Legion

DRESS CODE will be in effect.

The NDFC rules on dress code:

Players should have a shirt with collar and this must be fully buttoned or zippered at all times, and dress pants (no Jean style, corduroy or denim material).

No skirts are allowed during NDFC Youth darts events.

Footwear will be clean and respectable.

No opened toed footwear is allowed.

Players are not permitted to wear clothing or use dart flights with any pictures or logos pertaining to alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, illegal substances or offensive language during the tournament.

Headgear and electronic listening devices shall no

t be worn without prior permission of the Organizers.

Such permission must be given to players whose religious or moral duties require that the head be covered or to players with a medical condition verified by a physician (e.g. hearing impairment, Alopecia Areata, chemotherapy or radiation treatment).

Stretchy sport hairbands or sweatbands are considered unapproved headgear.


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